Sept. Ein Retortenverein auf der Suche nach neuen Fans – Mehr als spektakuläre Fotos bieten einzigartige Einblicke in die nationalen und. Sept. Ein Retortenverein auf der Suche nach neuen Fans – Mehr als spektakuläre Fotos bieten einzigartige Einblicke in die nationalen und. Jan. dpa. Hasan Ismaik ist Fluch und Segen für Kann ein Traditionsverein mit latentem Misserfolg ein Retortenverein sein? Beim TSV Vermutlich Neid, der aber unbegründet ist, denn wirklich erfolgreich sind diese Vereine ja nicht wirklich - Was macht einen Traditionsverein zu einem Traditionsverein? Doch anstatt diese Investition in den Sport mal zu würdigen, wird rumgemault Demokratische Prinzipien gab es nicht. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Viele ausgeschriebene Abkürzungen sehen eher bescheiden aus, oder wer schrieb — ja man kann von der Vergangenheit sprechen — früher Kurznachrichtendienste? Es ist nicht einfach, das Plastik vom reinen grünen Bolzplatzrasen zu trennen. Der letzte David zwischen der Goliath-Maschine? Es wird nicht lange dauern, bis jemand bemerkt, dass Hass im Sport nichts zu suchen hat und es ja sowieso nur ein Spiel sei. Schachtar Donezk gehört zwar zu den vier Mannschaften, die noch nie aus der Premjer-Liha abgestiegen sind, ein Spitzenteam war der Club vor den Geldzuwendungen jedoch nie.

But every time he acted against it, something inside him hurt. Maybe that's why I always need my Swear Jar full But when he got up to refill, Werder stopped him.

Leverkusen agreed inside, cursing his kitchen once more, I'm so done with that room! But the voice came back, giving not-so-subtle signals to his body to act the part of proper host He sighed in relief as the bell spared him an answer.

And it wasn't just the colors that stood out - the sounds did, too. A trumpet screamed in his ears when the door was fully open.

Werder's slight form bumped into Mainz's taller one, faceplanting on the small drum on his chest. Grinning mischievously, Mainz chased the Green-Whites around the room, his scarves and cape flag?

Leverkusen's eyes betrayed his disgust at the two club's juvenile antics, and it was spotted by none other than VfB Stuttgart.

When blue-green eyes met brown, it held no trace of the Leverkusen the world knew. A five-euro bill was shoved into the Jar as Leverkusen's patience drained faster than the lemonade in Werder's glass.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spacious living room, the non-footballing variant of Revierderby was rolling.

But we don't care about that, not yet, at least Borussia Mönchengladbach had to endure Freiburg and Hertha plus Frankfurt's motor mouth gossiping like mother hens since before he arrived.

Not to mention Paderborn's horrible 'cover' of He'd probably talked to a hundred people already, judging from the many different voices stabbing his head in the form of a migraine.

The waiting clubs except Paderborn, who was trying - and failing - to sing the high notes of Aerosmith's Dream On without sounding like a dying cat turned to the newcomer, who carried what seemed to be a snack trolley.

The Lower Saxony club smirked proudly. When the Wolves pulled Freiburg off him, she pouted, shooting the Rhine club a poisonous look, but no fucks were given back.

We've been waiting for ages. The call ended with a beep, and a moment later, they were ushered in by a guilty-looking Leverkusen. Twenty minutes before the game, everyone had settled on the sofas or the fluffy carpet on the floor, and Leverkusen picked his favorite couch.

Fan attributes - which consisted of basically everything sans flares - were held like weapons of war, some slung on the shoulder and some held overhead.

Small talks and predictions buzzed like bees before the TV, and they set aside their differences as they prepared to watch a national team that was nearly comprised of two clubs.

Leverkusen quickly let the two clubs in. Wolfsburg, ever the alert one, gave them Spezi the moment their butts touched their seats. I don't want to miss a milisecond!

A feminine laugh could be heard from the other end, and Mainz's expression relaxed. You want them all to listen? I'm Mia, from Poland.

But if you lose," Mia's smirk was palpable as she let her words sink in, "My boyfriend will have to dye his hair white and red And the money, dear.

Don't forget the money. Gladbach also expressed his agreement, and his move was followed by the rest of the room. May the best team win!

The other commentator glanced at his tablet for a brief moment and said, "As expected, Poland is maximizing their attack this evening, with Ajax forward Arkadiusz Milik and Robert Lewandowski as skipper.

Everyone stared at Dortmund with varying degrees of accusation, but he only shrugged. That really is some record!

Old and new animosities were replayed here, and every fan, from the most fanatic ultras to the children brought here by their parents, could feel the chants reverberating inside them.

They felt it waking up their souls, their passion, and uniting them as one. This isn't a stadium, thought Bayern as the players entered the field, followed by their national anthems-.

Köln's nickname, emphasized on the F rather than the C as it is in the local dialect. Mainz 05 is nicknamed Karnevalsverein Carnival club for the many carnivals held in the city.

And his fake name, Jürgen, comes from his legendary former coach Jürgen Klopp This season, Stuttgart has a nice touch in front of the goal, but has conceded quite a lot as well.

Werder Bremen won in and Stuttgart in They were great competition for bigger clubs like Schalke and Bayern. As for the voice in Levi's head, it is different from Bayern's imaginary taunts in Dortmund's Thousands of thoughts ran in the minds of fans and media alike as Armin Veh looked straight into the camera with a heavy heart.

Those loyal to the Swabians stared at their gadgets with unblinking eyes as their social media channels updated, sentence by sentence. Meanwhile, watching the press conference, a pair of brown eyes narrowed in the distance-.

Nine points out of twelve games is not good. In many close encounters, we weren't fortunate enough. Fortunate, the dark-clad figure thought, letting the word bounce in every corner of his mind.

There's no such thing as fortune. It was rumored that high-ups could revoke their almost-divine privilege, after all, so he'd kept his mouth shut, albeit grudgingly.

Veh was one of the few people who could curb his scathing remarks, and that was why he hadn't liked him as much as he should. But at the end of the season, they'd won the league, so without waiting for an 'I told you so', he'd begun to find the joys in shutting up.

And when he failed, he never blamed the players, never blamed the club's money After that sentimental moment, Stuttgart almost expected to feel tears welling in his eyes But nothing happened, save a mere blip of realization.

Not unlike that one when the board sacked Bobic, or when Bayern bought Gomez-. And not a split-second later, ideas - of people and technique and philosophy - moved the gears inside Stuttgart's head.

Happy belated birthday, Dortmund Please don't get relegated. You're the white knight to Bayern's evil overlord. The last jeers, the last ultra leaving and middle fingers rising wash over me in alarming intensity.

I mean to nod at the coach; he really shouldn't be doing this- but another voice interrupts me. I lift my head—the direction doesn't matter—the moment I find my voice back.

But flashes of that header, of every individual mistake, continue to haunt me, screaming liar! And relegation—I haven't been there for forty years, I don't want to!

I shut my eyes tighter as I hang my head. I wake up on something… soft. I propel my body into a standing position, ignoring my stiff limbs.

I instinctively take a step back to see her full profile And I sigh in relief at the lack of bulging biceps under her sleeves. I grin at her perpetual frown—it has been a long time since I met the former Bundesligist.

Then her eyes widen, as if something just dawned on her. Why would I not meet Bayern again? I say as much to her, and she laughs, louder than anything I can manage.

She stands up and cups my cheeks in her hands. The room we're in is spacious but packed with people, some chatting, some drinking, some snacking… but I see faces I only recognize from Pokal matches.

A few are familiar, though. A few faces later, my gaze finally arrives back where it started… München. Welcome to the zweite Liga.

This is too much. Jürgen Klopp, Kloppo, my one-in-a-million manager, Echte Liebe personified, lost his job. This amazing man—the one who led us to glory and loved us like they were his flesh and blood—why was he given marching orders?

He never backed down. He said so himself. He… I stop myself, pursing my lips. I should move on. Managers come and go, Borussia. You should know better than that.

So… so Bayern, too, was unbeaten… for a whole season? I blink repeatedly, seeing stars—too much information in such a short time, and none of them pleasant.

Shit, shit, holy freaking shit. I stare at her, imploring, please be good news. Without much thought, I lunge at her— curse you for spewing all these bullshit!

He thinks about his previous club, but as much as he tries to recall anything, he finds nothing. Maybe she was more realistic, being a small club from a small city… but who knows?

She rarely hung out with the team in the first place. She was always seen with either the coach or that other girl… Nürnberg, wasn't it?

He shakes his head. Conditioned air caresses the back of my neck, my cheek, every centimetre of exposed skin.

I curl tighter, my feet digging into the cushion of my seat. The moment we touch, warmth travels to me in waves, proving my nightmare wrong, but the moment ends as quickly as it started.

I'm not a BVB fan, so I basically did some research which includes extensive chatting and browsing fanpages. Was it worth it? Does it sound forced?

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The figure's eyes never wavered from the office door a few meters before him— why had Aki called this late? Come as soon as you can, Borussia, said the text that had woken him up, this is important.

He rarely questioned Aki's orders there was no reason to do so, after all , so he immediately took a shower, wore the topmost stuff he spotted inside his closet, and used his hair gel only when he was safely rooted in the U-Bahn.

His mind, never one for philosophical exercises or 'what if's, drifted with what he saw: Maybe something like what Mainz wore.

A few minutes later, he found himself back in the present, standing before the office of Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. The lights in the room mirrored the stars in the sky, never managing to light up the room blanketed with despair.

Unlike what legends said, personifications didn't have the power to read minds or sense feelings in a supernatural way—but in this case, it didn't take an idiot to figure out what was missing: The physically younger man grinned nonetheless.

The moment the last word was uttered, the room closed in on him, imaginary hands squeezing his heart. Pessimism leaked into his mind, gnawing and grating and please dammit stop I don't need this —.

The thought came to him, unbidden, reminding him that he wanted, needed to reignite that spark.

His boss—he was painfully reminded of that yet again—sighed, the lines on his face heavy with exasperation. Watzke didn't even bother reprimanding him.

Well, it sounds incredibly like desperation, you hypocrite! What the hell happened? Even Hamburger SV still sees the Schale half full!

They even led the league on Matchday 4, for fuck's sake! But it wasn't enough, no. Watzke had to know what he had to say about this.

This chapter is a flash one: Found a newsflash from several websites, did a flash-research, flash-wrote and flash-edited this chapter.

I don't quite believe the news neither does BVB, apparently , as they contradict Hans-Joachim "Aki" Watzke's optimistic interview with the club's website, but I hope it's not as bad as it seemed See the end of the chapter for notes.

I use my remaining strength to drag myself into my bedroom, each step taken sending pinpricks of pain all over my body.

When I arrive at my destination, every cell practically begs me to lie down, to succumb to fatigue, but I force my eyes open. I should face it. With that decided, I turn on my heel and make my way to the pantry.

The ache from my eighth loss still lingers, but I figured that ignoring it lessens the pounding in my head. The methodical movement of making coffee helps take my mind further away from it.

Opening the jar, pouring the dark brown powder into a mug, turning on the water heater… Humming a radio hit as I wait, I almost feel like an average person.

Maybe, if I closed my eyes and willed it to happen, it would happen. Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg and Leipzig would lead some bad boy club in the neighboring campus.

The thought of football bursts my illusion of normalcy. Clutching my head, I can only cry as reality comes back to me with a vengeance.

No, no, no, please, make it stop…. Come on, I beg silently, fingers roaming impatiently over the keyboard, come on, come on, come on…. This is taking so long.

With nothing left occupying my mind, the incessant beep comes back in full force. With such a high coffee-making speed, the mug should be on the floor by now, surrounded by black and yellow shards of glass, but it stays in my grip, burning my cold hand.

Normally I would take it slow, inhaling the nice, strong smell of my coffee and sometimes cream , but now, all I want is to talk to Köln, to share woes with a drink in hand to drown them.

Just… call me later. The boss is calling. If I were healthy, would I stay with the team, discussing what went wrong?

Would I be dismissed, instead? Calloused hands dig into my shoulders, kneading the stiff muscles so hard I think it's harder than a mixer would a bunch of eggs and flour.

But it's probably my imagination; no one's at home but me Said hands, hands that are far too strong to be imaginary, rolled me out of my blanket and into the cold floor.

Whoever this is, he sure fulfills his target, because my whole body hurts now. As I straightened myself into a sitting position, I feel that the air is Warmer than what my heater can manage in the condition I'm in, warmer than all the Novembers I've lived through.

This is so weird, I think, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Wait, if something is leaking, I shouldn't be sitting here waiting for my house to get burned down!

I jumped to my feet and ran outside-. Before he could flee, I bite his bare shin, eliciting a shriek from its owner. He sounds familiar, but my guessing is interrupted by his screams.

Kind of like Köln when I get too far with my pranks. I want to deny his claim, to kick him out of my house once and for all but then I see his Champions League jersey and the pierced ear and his face and his hair-.

But he's not wearing any kind of disguise. His dark eyes, looking like black holes against his pale skin, mirrors mine in intensity as we bore through each other's defenses.

His look changes from disbelief to mockery. And don't you dare tell me you don't know who I am! Are you fucking delusional? He freezes at my words, jaw dropped.

He shakes his head, chuckling as if I'm a five-year-old. And he shows me his shin, already healed of my bite marks.

And then I see the dark circles under his eyes - nonexistent. The realization that he looks healthier, happier , fills me with envy. It's weird to hug yourself, Borussia thinks, patting his Bundesliga self in the back.

And damn, can't he cry someplace other than his chest? It makes him feel uncomfortable, but he stops himself from squirming, if just barely.

Bundesliga-Dortmund is the reason he exists, after all The irony would hurt too much. When no one else understands, he, me, my thriving Champions League self, holds me like I would my friends when they fall.

His voice soothes my mind, turning the bursts of panic receding into a steady calm, "You won't get relegated, Borussia. I lift my head, wanting desperately to believe his words, but Frankfurt's chant play itself on loop, blocking every positive thought.

Sometimes I feel he's drawing our crest, what with the 0 and the 9 inside the circles, the arcs of a B and the sharp lines of a V between them.

The gesture tickles a bit, but it comforts me more than anything, anyone else could. Letting his voice wash over me, I rest my head in the crook of his neck, the lack of styling gel making my hair fall into my eyes.

He smells like sweat and grime and passion I sigh, perfectly content. He gets up on his feet, smoothing his shirt. I shake my head, amused. If that incident was anything to come by, I wouldn't mind dating him.

Or would that be incest? With the most charming smile I can muster, I decide to play the host. We drink the same kind of coffee with different mugs - I use my favorite one, a simple black with a yellow Echte Liebe text and a striped handle, while he uses another one of my best: I raise mine - and a headache strikes me, the world blurring into a thousand wishes begging to be vocalized.

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I feel so loved, hehe. And of course, motivated! So here's to a double update! Why in the world had he accepted this job? He enjoyed the atmosphere, the players, the everyday work… but not so much the personification of the club.

She had to get medical treatment, soon. He regarded his charge for a second, dark eyes meeting a muted red. It saddened him to see him that way, but he deserved no leniency.

Not when she was his seventh victim. MTV München observed the proceedings in the meeting room, wishing nothing but to have a say, but personifications at this age were close to useless.

The management curbed his tongue, tied his hands, and he was helpless when the football division left—why couldn't, hadn't they let them join the SFV?

Meanwhile, the men who led his club continued talking, its subject lost to the blood rushing through his ears. His muscles, flexible as a gymnast's, suddenly turned rigid.

His senses began to shut off, but one thing was burning inside his mind—. She frowned; that name was strange in its novelty, but something about him was familiar, his low voice comforting.

They said that a She watched him unblinkingly - his closed eyes, his tightly pursed lips, the hand on his chin, oh, they were all so painfully fatherly She tilted her head slightly, questioning - the feeling of familiarity was growing stronger and stronger I had much fun writing this chapter.

I completely immersed myself in the plot and in the character, not to mention the sleepless nights when I wrote this! Is it worth it, though?

Well, find it out below. I'd also like to thank Jenny twitter. This chapter is for you, my friend. His hands, never losing their dexterity despite the late hour, landed on his nightstand, fingers turning each bottle to his scrutiny.

He'd meticulously replaced the long, forgettable scientific names of the medications he'd been given with simpler terms, but no matter how easy 'sleeping pills' was to comprehend, he couldn't find anything inside that little bottle, his prescribed lifeline.

Was something wrong with his eyes? Should he take more meds, maybe vitamin A supplements? His contacts were not prescription, but maybe they should be.

Or maybe they'd made a new version of the pills, ones he couldn't see unless he was almost incurably sick? Jumping down his bed, he pulled his drawers open, the clinks of glass and plastic and wood giving him added alertness.

Wasting no time, he moved on to the drawer under it. The very last thing he needed. A roar made its way out of his system, its force sending the drawers crashing into each other, breaking the bottles into shards as sharp as his mounting panic.

Covering his ears, he ran to his desk, praying for spares, leftovers, even if his precious pills were on the floor under it, collecting dust.

Maybe he'd used the pills as bookmarks a year ago. He threw them out of the shelf like one would a frisbee, eyes scanning for the pale blue magic hiding in the night.

His books, so seldom that he read them, were yellowed and torn, the rotten smell of dead termites sending bile running up his throat.

Coughing a sticky substance he chose to ignore, he checked his bags, his wardrobe, every pocket, every fold- but nothing.

He was out of sleeping pills, and his boundless energy was burning inside him, waiting, no, begging to be spent.

But adrenaline, when they weren't coursing through his muscles, grated on his mind, and suddenly he wasn't sure anymore.

That is why you have to sleep, Bayer, said the voice inside his head. You need to calm down. But calming down would be easier if he wasn't so pumped!

What should I do, what should I do, what should I do? Take a deep breath, it said, resting calming hands on his mental shoulders.

Oxygen denied him in every inhale. He couldn't calm down. He didn't need to calm down. He didn't need deep breaths.

He only needed to find those damn pills. He had to sleep. He had to wake up refreshed. He had to adhere to his schedule. He was so late.

Now, he told himself, a heaving breath shuddering his form as he curled tightly against the wall. Darkness lulled him to a false sense of security as he huddled in his blankets, but then his demons awoke, slithering through the gaps in his alertness.

Leverkusen would do it, taking tentative steps to face the mirror in his bathroom, letting the light guide his finger not to stab his eye.

He thought he was used to it, but he felt his lips twisting in a minuscule grimace as the false blue and green irises shifted, revealing his natural eye color.

He never liked them. A deep shade of red, they gave him the impression of anger, betraying the turbulent mind under the friendly facade.

And he dashed to his bed, heart pounding against his ribcage as he stared at the ceiling, wishing it would just disappear, and he into the stars. But they granted him nothing.

The stars led him to another night, a night where he was forced to see two of his players rubbing salt on a wound from his loss to Barcelona.

For once, he didn't smile at anyone, but no one found it strange. He shouldn't have them. But they always come—. It traveled in space and time, sending him into another world He stood before Unterhaching, undaunted.

I only need a draw , Leverkusen thought, convincing himself that he was so, so close in clinching his first ever Bundesliga title, but we can win.

I believe in the boys—we. But Bayern was slaughtering Werder Bremen and he could do nothing as two goals, two damn goals and a fucking own goal included, take the Meisterschale back to Bavaria Everyone in the chapel gave him disgusted looks when he came with a flag that could protect a homeless man for days, multiple scarves and a few unlit flares, but he wanted the best he could get.

And he thought he should get extra credit for his effort—after all, who else had the guts to ask the organ player to play Wir stehen zu Dir?

They have faith in me, he thought, a tear trailing his cheek. The club from the tiny, forgotten city. I can win the treble. The priest gave him a long dressing down afterwards, but ultimately, his prayers were with the team.

He bolted up from his bed with a pounding head. His voice, hoarse from fatigue, verbalized what he so wished he could say: He dove into his scattered books and bags and clothes on the floor, digging and digging and digging, accompanied by an endless symphony of curses when he found a full swear jar, and another, and another—.

But reality, despite its blessings, was inherently cruel, and twenty-one full jars stared at him, the hundreds, thousands , of euros inside sending him to his knees.

He brought his face to the ground, clenched fists pressing the floor. His chest grew heavy with stress, and all he could think was his wasted time, why, why can't I adhere to the schedule?

But he couldn't go outside to buy more, not now, not at midnight! He couldn't even do the first step! And if he didn't wake up refreshed, how would he-.

He pressed his head closer to the floor, gritting his teeth. He pulled the edges of his lips upwards, but the movement, one that usually came easily, only brought him pain.

And before he could stop it, Frankfurt's words came back, his voice grating in his brain, "He shouldn't be so fake all the time But he wasn't, was never fake!

It was his job to smile. He should sleep now. He couldn't be happy, couldn't be flawless, if he couldn't follow his damn schedule!

Ignoring the intensifying pain in his chest, he ran back to his room, forcing his breaths to be steady Something cool and wet was trailing down his cheeks He couldn't very well do that in the middle of the night, could he?

Clutching his head, he ran through his memory, searching for the next step They always made sure he had footage of every training session—they were all safely stored on his USB, his laptop, his computer, and his phone.

With an irritated sound he hoped would get rid of the voice in his head, he turned on his phone, flipping through applications to get to the last training session before the derby—.

He locked the screen, hoping the date was anything but that, anything but that. But it was 1: He flicked his thumb to open another app; his memo, and on top, written in gigantic red text was:.

Goddammit, why the hell did he still care what day it was today—the fucking derby would kick off in only thirteen hours but he hadn't slept a wink!

Tactics, of how the players would be lined, would be used, and even a couple of predictions played in his mind like a movie, and his hand scribbled on his notebook—the left side for his boys and the right for the goats.

His team had adopted a high-octane approach under Schmidt, and he wasn't complaining—they'd be able to bypass Köln's defense and play attractive football, just the way he liked it But he could definitely use some improvement in the back four!

Suddenly, Leverkusen's hands jerked, sending his vibrating phone falling screen down. The sounds of boots hitting taut footballs lingered innocently in the background.

He closed his eyes; quick, heavy breaths pushing his mind to focus, just focus on the fucking training, Leverkusen!

His free fist clenched and unclenched, nails wishing they'd been clawing at a certain neck and not a sweaty palm. His friends, whole bodies coated in sweat yet still burning in spirit, waited for his proposal, hands at the ready.

It was a masterpiece. Leverkusen waved flags and directed the flow, led the chanting with the vigor of an orchestral conductor in a march, clapped his hands until they hurt His fellow ultras made their ideas known, coloring every shape, every picture, with the intent to unite them, to burn the opposition— the goats —to the ground.

His friends gave him confused looks—who was he to say something like that? His life as a personification was nothing to be proud of.

It only brought him suffering, only brought him pain For lack of anything to do, he read it. For fuck's sake, Bayer AG wasn't his fucking sugar daddy!

Leverkusen slammed his touchscreen keyboard with angry thumbs, using gratuitous stickers to convey his message. Well, Leverkusen typed acerbically, my 'sugar daddy' hasn't found a med to cure your stupidity.

They sure will make some noise when my boys trample yours. Are you desperate for another steamrolling from your beloved Münchner girlfriend?

Is there shame in losing to Bayer? Leverkusen typed, adding a smirking sticker for good measure. Well, Leverkusen thought, if he still had an ounce of self-respect, he'd stopped replying to the goat long ago.

And he needed to kill time It was only 3: Trust the goat to pester him until he got mad. Didn't he know Leverkusen was better than that?

Leverkusen racked his mind for a fitting nickname for the little shit, come on, call him something else for once, Leverkusen! I'm alone in my room, wasting my time talking to you.

Fuck it, Leverkusen thought, if he was just going to listen to the goat laughing, he'd rather, well, do anything but!

He watched his curtains move with air conditioner wind, subtly shifting shadows chasing away his own. He wiggled his toes, from the thumb to the pinky, staring emptily at the small wonder his joints were doing.

A random thought into his mind, thoughts of footballers and their WAGs, and he weighed the plus and minuses of waxing. He rested his head on his hands and his elbow on his thighs, bleached blond curls slipping between his fingers.

He'd rebelled against them all his life he couldn't imagine himself being their little puppet. But he was also an ultra, a supporter who lit flares for the heck of it and fought with fans of the goat.

What did he live for, anyway? Reflexively, he joined in the hymn, mumbling the tune with a grogginess that lowered the pitch of his voice into unfamiliar depths.

On any other day, he would already be enjoying the song like a good fan should, but he couldn't move, he was so, so exhausted, and hungry, and thirsty, thirsty for rest Yes, the voice in his head returned, encouraging for once, come on.

We'll stand by you. And finally, Leverkusen left the cashier of a nearby apothecary, carrying a bottle of sleeping aid. After all the fun, when it hit 2, words, this chapter turned into an absolute monster.

I knew where I wanted it to go and where Jen wanted it to go, but I had to squeeze all the creative juices in my brain just to give this chapter a weak ending, in my opinion.

We thought about a bonus scene, but it didn't really work out. Leverkusen will never find an actual escape, anyway.

It's easy to say that I'm not happy with this, but I'm slightly proud that I could concoct a 3,word chapter to make up for the long wait. What do you think?

FC Schalke 04 logged on to his account after the celebrations had ended, giddy to assert bragging rights to his 'friends'.

Putting on his headphones, Schalke entered the chatroom of the 'Big Four', praying all three of his rivals to be online Three screens lit up to show the other clubs: To be honest, Schalke liked this Bayer more than the nausea-inducing, silver-tongued guy he pretended to be.

In Leverkusen's screen, Bayern kept insulting Dortmund's mother while Schalke came up with more creative stuff to use against the bees.

No one noticed the Leverkusener's absence, though Meanwhile, in the chatroom Schalke, Bayern, and Dortmund took heavy breaths after a heated argument, chest heaving like crazy under their respective clothing.

Whoever said that , Karlsruher SC thought as a certain pair of ice blue eyes mentally undressed him, was so spot-on. The Eurofighter sidestepped, glaring daggers at the Bavarian.

Another giggle left her asking-to-be-taped mouth as she shifted closer to him. Who the hell do you think you are?! Bayern tilted her head slightly, a childish pout curling her thin lips.

Okay, Karlsruhe messaged his temples, taking deep breaths with every profanity flashing in his brain, he could take defection, yes, and he could take inappropriate physical advances, but this.

So he did what every other club, save Bochum, would do in this situation: The Old Lady knocked Bayern out. And so he spilled, squeezing her body tight, letting her graying blond tresses caress his bare shoulders.

Crack Leverkusen x Köln AU based on this prompt http: I hate how your owner treats you like their PR puppet, controlling and watching your every move as they expect you to bear the cross wherever you go.

I hate your intense pressing and the fact that your stadium is still as quiet as a grave. Why should I even talk about all this?

The Media Days have started! Join the Bundesliga boys and girls as they prepare for the part of the season they wished they could skip! Lewadda is back from the dead, baby.

And yes, I dropped the 'wski'. Enjoy the new chapter! Also, I'm so sorry for cancelling the Eurovision special. But naaaah , Darmstadt grinned mischievously.

She was definitely looking forward to filling the next page of her football fairytale! FC Ingolstadt 04 looked up at his coach slowly.

His face looked sooo bored, but Ingolstadt knew anyone would be, like really! He wanted to live alone like RB Leipzig, to do whatever and whenever he wanted!

Why should he go to a boring school? Why should he be watched while eating? Everyone knew he hated vegetables! Especially with that hairclip. The little Bavarian groaned.

Maybe he was picturing his old, haha! Ingolstadt decided to change tactics. In a second, he was staring at his coach with dark eyes as big as saucers, causing Hasenhüttl to wince and changed the topic himself.

The personification sighed, head hung in shame. As usual, Europe-bound clubs gather on a corner of whatever meeting place they were in in this case, studio , FC Augsburg looking out of place.

What troubled him was how… casually the six other clubs spoke of trebles, Spanish giants and the like, and though he was an expert at poker faces, intimidation froze him in place.

Would he have to sacrifice Europe for domestic survival, like she had? And so, Schalke did. That was one hell of a punch.

Leverkusen hid his snicker behind his hands. With Schalke sneering back, they left the group for a more physical Revierderby.

Wolfsburg and the Rhine boys stared hard at the younger Bavarian, trying to coax an answer out of the stoic man. Nürnberg and Fürth's drunken Oktoberfest brawls weren't much different from the Ruhr Valley rivals', really.

He hoped he could be used to being in the company of these giants, too…. Six-time German champion, playoff specialist Fürth and Karlsruhe could stay in 2.

He should find Werder lest he died of boredom here. At the physical contact, she tensed, but took it in stride a moment later. If there was one thing every club preferred their archenemy over, that thing would be a makeover.

Stuttgart had had his dark brown dye forcefully removed, leaving his hair very, very blond. Even Hertha almost cried when they said she had to take off her bow a parting gift from her lover years ago despite accepting her new, layered hairstyle.

FC Köln came in to a horde of dissatisfied clubs, he feared for himself as he took his seat on the torture chair. A DFL official welcomed them in their headquarters.

The Retortenclub rolled his eyes. The door to the studio slammed open, causing almost everyone to jump in surprise, and came in Ralph Hasenhüttl, red-faced and panting as he helped his charge up from his face-down fall.

Beside him, FC Ingolstadt 04 stood with a broken nose and tearful eyes. A laugh could be heard from his fellow Aufsteiger , but she disguised it as a cough before Hasenhüttl could do anything.

The guy in green stood up, and damn he was huge! Ingolstadt had to stand on his toes just to see his beard! Fortunately, he could see his arms, his legs, and woah he had so much hair … how cool!

I wish I had a body like that, the little boy thought, hand almost touching his muscular calf… almost… almost…. He resisted the urge to kick the newbie in the groin by offering him a hand to shake.

He'd give those two assholes a lesson Yes, lovely, it's another 2. Karlsruhe imagined her soft touch on his body, the feeling of her by his side sending warmth all over him.

Ah, if only she could actually be here, showering each other with love with nothing but their bare skin to separate their souls…. Karlsruhe sighed, leaning back on his pillows with his laptop half-closed.

Talking to her made him feel calm, confident, invincible. Sechzig was desperate to escape relegation, but he had a much better team… and of course, an endless desire to return to where he belonged: WasZumRoteTeufel and lilien98 are online.

Then, he switched to the notifications tab to accept the invitation. But before the webcam was fully loaded, Kaiserslautern had replied,.

Fortunately, it had finished loading, so he put his headphones back on…. FC Kaiserslautern made sure his wireless headphones were connected to his laptop, a devilish smile adorning his sweaty face His landlady's screech could be heard from the door, but the personification didn't give a damn - while Karlsruhe's screen was still loading, Darmstadt was staring dumbly at his abs, he assumed, abs that were broad and muscular and glistening with sweat.

Kaiserslautern fanned himself with his mousepad. Aren't you hot in that, though? Lautern laughed, the loud cackle inviting angry knocks from his neighbors.

The redhead pushed his laptop's monitor towards his lower body parts. A suspicious moan could be heard from Darmstadt's side, but Karlsruhe's who'd finally finished loading!

The Badener furrowed his thick ass eyebrows, teeth bared like a wild park animal. The third-placed club's menacing tone could strike fear in lesser beings, but not the awesome Red Devil, who'd defeated Bayern München as an Aufsteiger years ago and would definitely win against complacent Ingolstadt tomorrow.

SV Darmstadt 98, poor, timid and newly promoted, looked up at the club she'd narrowly defeated with wide blue eyes. You're gonna wish you weren't promoted!

It also took a trained mind, one that could read between the lines and twist every word, every action to her needs…. While she never stopped believing in her team, she would act otherwise — in front of Sandhausen, Fortuna or Soda, she would put on a cool smile, even bluff when needed, but before KSC and FCK… she would be shy and insecure, only a little hopeful, and completely astounded when she won.

WasZumRoteTeufel updated his status: Seriously, the whole club had a flair for dramatics. Sometimes Darmstadt wished she could do that, but compared to K-town, she had more limited financial or graphic design power.

She could stand being the bullied for this last matchday. WasZumRoteTeufel invited you to a conference call. Someone with a mentality like Darmstadt was not Bundesliga material.

Well, all the better for his boys. A mental image of his rival running around his city with the same clothes he was not wearing at the moment suddenly gave him a brilliant idea.

Lautern doubled over in laughter. Then you gotta sing my songs too… with my crest on your back! Karlsruhe racked his brain for something, something hard but not that embarrassing for the small club.

Side jobs , not side job, like the one Karlsruhe had. Like most personifications had. Words had completely left him; with hands feeling his thick, dark eyebrows for what might be the last time, he watched horrible, horrible things playing in his head — like an outraged Hertha BSC — and he groaned.

On the other side of the screen, 1. FC Kaiserslautern had turned from a powerful ruler of hell into… well, a ruler of hell nervously biting his fingernails.

By the time he arrived at his floor, he dropped to his knees, ignoring the sharp pain the hard floor sent the tired limbs and screamed to the ceiling: His voice was loud and hoarse, prompting all-too-familiar nags from downstairs, but he had no more fucks to give.

Unfortunately, the voice of his landlady from right behind him put an end to his prayers. I have newcomers here!

He turned his head to her direction, preparing himself for a long dressing down… but then, she pulled him into a tight hug. Her long, frizzy hair brushed on his face as she wept, wetting his damp shoulder, furious and disappointed and shaking uncontrollably, and he remembered-.

She'd been at Fritz-Walter-Stadion. Watching the boys play. The thought of returning to the first tier brought a grin to his face, and so, he logged in without hesitation.

Karlsruher SC ran to the training field, every pant a wish that he wouldn't mar his five-year record of punctuality But it was no use.

He swore under his breath upon his arrival. Everyone was warming up now, leaving him completely exposed to his head coach who, strangely, didn't bring a weapon to kill him.

First thing first, I would like to profusely apologize to all fans of Karlsruher SC and 1. FC Kaiserslautern reading this 8.

Second thing second, congratulations to Ingolstadt and Darmstadt for your achievement! May you slay the next season, and while survival will be your main goal, I'd love to see both of you winning the league or something ;.

As a 12th grader who has to prepare for exams and uni, I'd like to announce that this will be my last update until about June. I'm sorry for the inconvenience It was a cold evening, more so in the air-conditioned restaurant only the richer of the two could feasibly afford to go to.

The younger club beamed, her contagious energy obviously affecting Bochum, who was sweating and blushing uncontrollably.

He still couldn't believe he'd been so close to such a big club, and he'd never thought in a million years that she would clean up so nicely!

How can you get enough of bars? Zusammen stehen, zusammen feiern, Bochum und die Bayern! It's been a long time Bayern turned around sharply, determination glistening in her icy blue eyes.

Zecken should be easier. It was a given, he told her. The two friends watched from the sidelines, a few steps beyond the Catalan trainer, as Philipp Lahm stepped to the penalty box.

Her palm was so, so sweaty Alas, luck wasn't with the Star of the South, for somehow the captain slipped. Bayern and Bochum's fan friendship isn't like it once was, and with the former's international fame, comes the inevitably growing one-sidedness in their then-close relationship A few cracky impressions of the year , from both men and women's leagues Fuck, why did Jar Jar Abrams had to do this?

The construction was to be carried out in two phases and began in March Pitch one was also provided with four 38 meter masts producing HD-compatible lightning for optimal television broadcasts.

Locker rooms, sanitary facilities and weight rooms were installed in 60 containers, totaling square meters. The second phase of construction began in January For the second phase, the training center was to be expanded with two pitches, an area for goalkeeping practices and a three-story 13, square meters sports complex, meant to offer amenities for all RB Leipzig teams, from the U8 team to the professional team.

In addition, pitch one was to be provided with a covered grandstand with at least 1, seats, for A- and B-junior matches. The new sports complex was opened in September and taken in use by the professional team and six junior teams, from U14 to the reserve team.

Remains to be constructed in the spring of are a covered grandstand with 1, seats, an area for motor skills-training and a parking area. As of , the club has already plans for even further expansions of the training center.

The club wants to build an additional pitch to the south of the training center. Such expansion would require more ground from the Leipziger Kleinmesse, and is therefore met with several objections.

BSV Schönau has a contract to lease the area until The club ceded parts of its grounds to RB Leipzig in For this, the club received compensation.

Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Statistics correct as of the end of the —18 season.

The first reserve team was formed out of the second team of SSV Markranstädt and played its inaugural season in the —10 Bezirksliga Leipzig.

The team finished the season on first place and won promotion to the —11 Sachsenliga. In order to replace the reserve team and to avoid having to begin with its reserve team from the bottom of the German football league system , RB Leipzig entered a partnership with ESV Delitzsch from the city of Delitzsch in the northwest of Saxony.

By the looming bankruptcy of FC Sachsen Leipzig , which eventually ended with the club folding in June , RB Leipzig considered purchasing its playing right for the Oberliga for its reserve team.

RB Leipzig initially showed interest for the playing right, but later withdrew. A condition for the acquisition was that at least 51 percent of the players in the team must be integrated in the new club, but RB Leipzig instead chose to develop its own reserve team.

Tino Vogel was appointed new head coach for the —12 season. The team was also joined by senior defender Ingo Hertzsch , who had left the professional team.

The reserve team finished its first season in the Sachsenliga on fourth place. The team then managed to secure a first place in —14 Sachsenliga, and finally won promotion to the NOFV-Oberliga Süd , after three seasons in the Sachsenliga.

Forward Tom Nattermann scored 32 goals during the season, finishing the —14 Sachsenliga as the league top goal scorer by wide margin.

The —15 season included opponents such as SSV Markranstädt and 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig , [] but the reserve team successfully adapted to the Oberliga and came to dominate its league.

Before the —16 season, almost half of the players from the previous season left the team, including top goal scorer Tom Nattermann, who left for FC Erzgebirge Aue.

The average age stood at only 19 years and 5 months in June The reserve team played its home matches at the Stadion am Bad in Markranstädt.

The stadium is the traditional home ground of SSV Markanstädt, and was therefore shared with the club. In , RB Leipzig made plans to build its own amateur stadium.

The first plans envisioned a new stadium with 5, seats at the RB Leipzig training center at Cottaweg. Having finished as runners-up in their debut season in the German top flight, RB Leipzig gained entry to continental football for the first time, specifically the —18 UEFA Champions League for which Red Bull Salzburg had also qualified as Austrian champions ; this raised the issue of a possible conflict of interest between the clubs due to the level of influence exerted by Red Bull over both teams and the close sporting relationship between them in various aspects.

In the first season following that ruling, both reached the quarter-finals of the —18 UEFA Europa League but did not play each other, with RB Leipzig eliminated by Olympique de Marseille who then also knocked out Salzburg in the semi-finals.

However, in the next edition of the same competition, RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg were drawn together in Group B to meet competitively for the first time.

RB Leipzig is one of the first clubs in history to qualify for the Champions League so soon eight years after its creation.

Having earlier been committed in women's junior football, RB Leipzig entered women's football in The club initially planned a partnership in women's football with Leipziger FC 07, to compete with a joint team in the fourth tier Landesliga Sachsen.

RB Leipzig and Leipziger FC 07 were given a playing right for the —17 Landesliga Sachsen on a wild card by the Saxony Football Association SFV , but only a few weeks before the start of the season, the partnership was ended and RB Leipzig announced that it was to compete with an independent team.

The SFV has expected the RB Leipzig women's team, with the state training center for women's and girls' football, to advance from Landesliga Sachsen to Bundesliga within 3 to 5 years.

RB Leipzig recorded a 7—0 victory, and advanced to the next round of the cup. The entry the RB Leipzig women's team in the —17 Landesliga Sachsen effectively skipping the 5th tier , came with criticism from several clubs in the league.

As of , RB Leipzig has 17 men and women's junior teams with players, including the Reserve team. Training and matches are conducted at several grounds in Leipzig.

The main ground is the RB training center at Cottaweg, which is shared with the professional team. The RB training center with its sports complex is currently used by men's junior teams from U14 to the Reserve team, as the location of the youth academy.

The RB Leipzig Football School is a multi-day training camp, for boys and girls aged between seven and 14 years. The 17 RB Leipzig junior teams collected 9 league titles and 3 cup titles together during the —15 season.

The 17 RB Leipzig junior teams collected 8 league titles and 6 cup titles during the —16 season. The B-junior team qualified for the Under 17 Bundesliga in The team reached the final, but was defeated by Borussia Dortmund.

The A-junior team qualified for the Under 19 Bundesliga in Incumbent B-junior coach Frank Leicht was announced as new head coach for the —15 season.

The —15 season proved successful. With its A- and B-junior teams, RB Leipzig was the only club in Germany with two teams left in the final rounds of the German championship in As of , the club has 14 men's junior teams, ranging from U8 to the Reserve team.

In June , RB Leipzig announced the creation of its first two women's junior football teams, starting from the —14 season. The first two teams created were a C- and a D-junior team.

The C-junior team was to be trained by Mandy Morgenstern and start in the Bezirksliga. The deal followed upon a period of financial difficulties for FFV Leipzig, which had for a while sought to transfer its youth academy to RB Leipzig.

As of , the club has three women's junior teams, ranging from B- to D-juniors. It is located at the RB Leipzig training center at Cottaweg.

The establishment of a successful youth academy has been an integral part of the club's long term strategy and philosophy since its early years.

Planning for a training center with facilities for a youth academy began in , and the first section of the training center was opened in August Shortly after Ralf Ragnick became new Sporting director in July , he began an extensive restructuring of the club.

During his time at the club, the A- and B-junior teams won 15 German championships. Frieder Schrof became head of the youth department.

Thomas Schlieck had previously been employed as goalkeeper coordinator at Schalke 04 and had before that been employed for twelve years as goalkeeping coach at Arminia Bielefeld.

Thomas Schlieck became goalkeeper coordinator, responsible for goalkeeper training and development from the U8 to the professional team.

He was also employed to work with goalkeeper scouting. An expansion of the training center at Cottaweg began in January The plans included a 13, square meters sports complex, with extensive facilities for the youth academy.

The certificate placed the youth academy among the highest rated youth academies in Germany. The new sports complex at the RB Training center was opened in September The training center now has a boarding school with rooms for 50 students, more than any other in the Bundesliga.

The style of play taught at the youth academy is aggressive, ball oriented, and run intensive, with forward defending and fast transitions. Youth players have to pay attention not only to their physical shape, but also to their appearance.

The youth academy imposes fines for weight gains and its Code of conduct contains regulations on both hair style and tattoos.

Unusual hair styles and tattoos are forbidden. The scouting system operates worldwide, in cooperation with other football clubs in the Red Bull sporting portfolio.

Up to U11, only children from Leipzig and the immediate vicinity are reqruited. Up to U15, players within a radius of kilometers are requited.

From U16 an above, scouting is done in the whole of Germany and worldwide. For scouting purposes, the club arranges an annual "Talent Scouting Day", where boys and girls aged between six and 16 years are scouted.

The Talent Scouting Day is done over three to five days. Young players are tested in speed tests, technique training, a 5-a-side tournament and a final match.

The most talented players are invited to train with the junior teams. The Talent Scouting Day in had 1, applicants, of which were selected.

At the end of the day, 90 young players received invitations to the junior teams. The RB Leipzig youth academy has been accused of poaching young players from other clubs in questionable ways.

The club said that young talents had been poached by RB Leipzig right at its own youth academy and with lucrative offers.

In another interview in , he added that what the club does is reasonable and legitimate, and that other clubs do just the same. The signing was preceded by a legal dispute and was criticized for the way it was done.

The youth academy has also had a cooperation with the youth academy of the now dissolved Red Bull Ghana.

The cooperation covers several areas, primarily scouting, medicine and training philosophy. In Europe, scouting is divided. The establishment of RB Leipzig has caused much controversy in Germany.

The controversy has revolved around the apparent involvement of Red Bull GmbH and the restrictive membership policy. Critics have been found both in the management and among coaches and supporters of other clubs.

The introduction of RB Leipzig was met with protests from supporters of other Leipzig football clubs, notably 1.

They feared a decline of traditional fan culture in Leipzig, and a commercialization of football in the region. After the partnership with SSV Markranstädt had become known, protests immediately appeared in Leipzig suburbs.

Red Bull advertising boards at the Stadion am Bad in Markranstädt was smeared with graffiti and the pitch was purposely destroyed by a weed killer.

The German economist Dr. Tobias Kollman said in that he saw Red Bull GmbH as a company with clear economic goals for its projects. Consequently, he described RB Leipzig as a "marketing club" and said that it was the first of this kind in Germany.

They complained that such clubs are pushing back traditional clubs, and warned that RB Leipzig could well be the next such club to push a traditional club out of the Bundesliga.

As head coach of VfL Bochum , he said in that RB Leipzig "made him sick" and that he considered the club to be built on purely economical interests. He further complained that competing with RB Leipzig was not a fair deal, because the club could sign the players it wanted, and that such competition "had nothing to do with the sport that we love".

They have protested against commercialization of football, the apparent involvement of Red Bull GmbH and the allegedly undemocratic structures at RB Leipzig.

Following that RB Leipzig gained promotion to the 2. Bundesliga in , supporter groups from ten clubs in the 2.

In March , the campaign web page indicated a number of supporter groups from 29 clubs. At away matches, the club has regularly been greeted with protests in various forms.

During the away match against 1. FC Union Berlin on 21 September , the home supporters symbolically wore black plastic ponchos and were silent for the first 15 minutes of the match.

A large banner displayed by home supporters said: Another banner displayed said: FC Heidenheim on 18 September , the player bus was approached upon the arrival at the stadium by supporters of 1.

During the home match against FC Hansa Rostock on 23 November , the away supporters protested by being entirely absent for the first seven minutes of the match and then filled the guest block in large numbers.

FC Union Berlin on 19 February At some occasions, the protests have turned into violence and threats. The player bus was attacked with bottles, and the police had to use pepper spray to succeed.

The team was insulted, spat at and pelted with beer cups during the warm-up, and had to leave the stadium with police escort after the match.

Riots also appeared after the match when home supporters tried to break through a security perimeter to approach away supporters. Firecrackers and other objects were thrown at the police, and four police officers were slightly injured in the turmoil.

The night before the match, the lobby of the player hotel in Karlsruhe was stormed by local hooligans. Several football clubs, such as VfB Stuttgart , 1.

Some critics can however also be found among the supporters of RB Leipzig. The supporter group Rasenballisten describes itself as uniting critical supporters.

The group members have stated that the identity of a club cannot solely rely on its main sponsor and the group has criticized Red Bull GmbH for dominating the external representation of the club.

Instead, the group wants to emphasize the name RasenBallsport and the Leipzig identity. Sporting director Ralf Rangnick has pointed at the fact that sponsors and investors are present also at other clubs.

He admitted that there was a difference: FC Bayern Munich first had sporting success, and then sponsors and investors. However, he insisted that the situation at VfL Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen was exactly the same, and that VfL Wolfsburg became German champions in to a very large extent due to the financial support from Volkswagen AG.

He explained that when the company is committed in sports, it is involved in the sports operations itself. It has been suggested that the restrictive membership policy was implemented in order to prevent the club from being taken over by hostile supporters.

He also said that the conditions that had prevailed at some other clubs had certainly not been positive for their development.

The club entered a cooperation agreement with the supporter organization Fanprojekt Leipzig in , and the club also has a dialogue with the fan representatives of the supporter union Fanverband RB Leipzig Fans.

Both Dietrich Mateschitz and sporting director Ralf Rangnick have made comments on transfer policy. Dietrich Mateschitz commented on the football commitment of Red Bulll GmbH in and said that the company was "no good stars buyers".

What we do, we try to do with our brain. Nothing is easier than to take a bag full of money and go shopping.

That is stupid, stupid we are not". And that with as many own players as possible". Bundesliga who had not signed any players from another club in the league.

Several people have responded to the rejection of RB Leipzig as a "plastic club", which lacks traditions. Sporting director Joachim Krug said in that RB Leipzig was simply a newly founded club with high ambitions.

By this, he meant that also RB Leipzig will one day become a traditional club. Sporting director Ralf Ragnick declared in that there were actually advantages to working in a new club without deep-rooted traditions.

He explained that structural changes and staffing decisions could be implemented quickly and flexibly at RB Leipzig, since there are no established hierarchies and less resistance in the environment.

He further said that he had seen enough examples of traditional clubs which have not made it anywhere. He said that to him, what mattered was if there existed a working philosophy and sustainability.

RB Leipzig has also received positive criticism and praise. He explained that young players will stay in the area and that the overall level of football in Lepzig will rise.

Mayor Burkhard Jung praised Dietrich Mateschitz as "honest, ambitious and serious". The prize ceremony was for the first time attended by the Minister-president of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich.

He said that he hoped for high class football, and that it would have earned the whole region and East Germany. Bundesliga was a great development for East Germany and that the attendance boom in Leipzig showed just how much the club had been awaited.

He said that decisive would be what the club could offer its fans, and that if the model works, it would be beneficial for all football, not only for football in East Germany.

Bundesliga in and said that it was the best thing that could happen to football in Leipzig. He also rejected the complaints of "traditionalists", as 1.

In interviews published in German newspaper Bild in , representatives of several Leipzig football clubs explained how their clubs had benefited from the establishment of RB Leipzig.

Former FC Sachsen Leipzig liquidator Heiko Kratz explained that by , the club was no longer able to finance its youth academy, but by selling its A to D junior teams to RB Leipzig, at least they could give the players a future.

Holger Nussbaum from SSV Markranstädt, explained how the financial compensation from RB Leipzig meant that the club now had players that it otherwise would not have, and that it now aimed at reaching the Regionalliga.

Ralph Zahn from ESV Delitzsch said that the financial compensation from RB Leipzig had made it possible for the club to build an artificial turf pitch with floodlights for the cost of , euros.

RB Leipzig also had an increase in five out of six image values. Sympathetic had increased 2. A study carried out by the company Repucom in showed that RB Leipzig had a nationwide increase of 60 percent in press, radio and television.

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Pionierarbeit für die Zukunft". Ich will in die Bundesliga". Perform Media Sales Ltd. Retrieved 7 May Rangnick holt Fachmann von Schalke 04".

Auf ihn sind wir bei zwei Testspielen unserer U 17 gegen seine Mannschaft aufmerksam geworden. Achim Beierlorzer verfolgt die gleiche Spielphilosophie wie wir: Erstmals auffällig wurde Beierlorzer als Trainer der U 17 in Fürth.

Aggressive, ballorientierte Vorwärtsverteidigung mit schnellem Umschaltspiel wird bei uns in allen Teams intensiv trainiert und gespielt. Ostthüringer Zeitung in German.

Mediengruppe Thüringen Verlag GmbH. Berliner Morgepost in German. BZ Online in German. Inside 11 in German. Inside 11, Sole trader: The Economist Newspaper Limited.

Owned by Red Bull, with a crafty sponsor's name, they have outpriced fan power and are now aiming at Bayern Munich". Im Stadion am Bad beginnt die Zukunft".

Lizenz für RB Leipzig". Berliner Zeitung in German. Retrieved 1 June Ganz in Schwarz gegen den Brausekommerz".

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Auch die Koksöfen moderner Kokereien sind typische Retorten. Solche Retorten sind von innen mit feuerfesten Materialien ausgekleidete Stahlbehälter, die meistens als Serien angeordnet sind. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. In anderen Projekten Commons. Nach eigener Aussage wollte er durch die über Lautsprecher eingesetzten Hochfrequenzklänge nicht etwa die Stille beseitigen, sondern die lauten Schmähgesänge gegen Dietmar Hopp übertönen. The result meant that RB Beste Spielothek in Minihof Libau finden had finally won promotion to the 3. It was a masterpiece. I'm sorry for the inconvenience The annual fee for this type of membership is between 70 and euros and serves to promote junior football within the club. Side jobsnot side Beste Spielothek in Oberzell finden, like the one Karlsruhe had. Rubbing his palms together, he couldn't help but think this: Das ist dumm, dumm sind wir nicht. His voice soothes my mind, turning the bursts of panic receding into a steady calm, "You won't get relegated, Borussia. Should he take more meds, maybe vitamin A supplements? Fran, my bro, you're the best. Bestes handy eyes widened for a split-second before she burst with laughter.

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MERTESACKER FIFA 19 Liga und hat es keinen gestört das Wolfsburg den Weg in die Bundesliga fand. Der Club musste Spieler verkaufen und stieg ab. Die Premier-League soll die Weltmarke der Sportevents schlechthin werden — wenn sie Beste Spielothek in Plötzin finden nicht schon ist. Hoffenheim ist fast überall. Er hat seinem Verein in jeder Saison Spiele den Spellcast Slot bei zur Verfügung gestellt, die ein anderer Verein in der Spiele nachrichten niemals verfügbar hätte. Nochmals zum ursprünglichen Punkt warum ich meine Thesen aufgestellt haben. Beispiele dafür sind das Retortenbabydie Retortenstadt und die Retortenband.
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Beispiele dafür sind das Retortenbabydie Beste Spielothek in Perkam finden und die Retortenband. Nach no deposit usa mobile casino bonuses Schüssen auf Obdachlosen: So kann auch das Wort "Hass" für jeden eine unterschiedliche Bedeutung haben. Haben all diese, von mir als Moralapostel verschrienen, Leute vielleicht doch Recht und es fortuna app einen trifftigen Grund warum ich einen Rivalen nicht hassen darf? FC Köln vorgeworfen okay ich habe nichts dagegen volleyball world league die absteigen, freue mich sogar darüberweil ich den 1. Die meisten wissen doch gar nicht, was wirklicher "Hass" ist. Wisst shkodran mustafi sixpack denn wirklich was Hass ist? National ist die Mission bereits gelungen: Sie haben nunmal keine so erfolgreiche Vergangenheit. Leben und leben lassen. FC Köln und hat den Verein mit uneingeschränkter Macht geführt. Vielen Dank für dein Interesse. Wenn du die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Januar um

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August gegen Borussia Dortmund auf. Ein Verein benennt sich um, teilt sich dann auf, nennt sich wieder um ach lassen wir das: Daher zitiere ich mich hier mal selber Zitat von redstarDO: Schlicht ein Ausdruck der eigenen Abneigung oder doch das Zurschaustellen eines nicht angemessenen Verhaltens? Unfall in Tornesch legt Bahnverkehr lahm. Der Club musste Spieler verkaufen und stieg ab. Viele ausgeschriebene Abkürzungen sehen eher bescheiden aus, oder wer schrieb — ja man kann von der Vergangenheit sprechen — früher Kurznachrichtendienste?

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